This documentary follows the stories of remarkable entrepreneurs and creators from start to finish as they rally their communities, raise funds and then face the unparalleled pressure of delivering something that lives up to their own, and the crowd’s, expectations. “At its core, Kickstarted is about much more than the rise of crowdfunding: It’s about […]



ABSTRACTION stars Hunter Ives, Richard Manriquez, Korrina Rico, Ken Davitian, Eric Roberts, and Natalie Victoria. It is an intense action movie about an art heist. The film has been well-received at festivals across North America. In its first screening of 2014, the award-winning film arrives at the historic New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood, owned by filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. ‘Abstraction’ […]



+Kim Sherrell joins independent comedy series as producer. –Life Coach Leo Darwin appears to have everything. A thriving practice. A best-selling book. A beautiful wife and child at home. In reality, he’s being evicted from his office, his marriage is a mess, and his six-month old baby doesn’t have a name yet. His new client is about to […]


Jay Duplass — On Manson Family Vacation and Taking 12 Years To Become An ‘Overnight Success’

+Kim Sherrell #1ND1E In this interview for Film Courage, Karen Worden catches up with another favorite indie filmmaker: the man Jay Duplass. Jay has agreed to star alongside Linas Phillips in ‘Manson Family Vacation’. You might know Jay as one of the midwives from ‘The Mindy Project,’ but he’s been cranking out a steady stream of critically-acclaimed […]



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Ai Weiwei 艾未未

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry – ITVS

Ai Weiwei is arguably the most internationally celebrated Chinese artist of the modern era. The inscrutable bearded visionary burst onto the scene with vast conceptual installations such as his eight million hand-painted ceramic sunflower seeds inside Tate Modern, and went on to design the iconic Bird’s Nest stadium for the Beijing Olympics. But at heart, […]

Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon Talks with Tavis Smiley On Art, Superheroes, Insecurity, and the Timelessness of Shakespeare

A smart, sexy, boozy romp. Joss Whedon’s adaptation of Much Ado is brilliant! Seriously. There were a few moments where I questioned whether it’s possible for acting to be too good. The onscreen chemistry is pure fire. Here, Whedon talks about how it came into being. Watch Writer-director Joss Whedon on PBS. See more from […]

Staff Room

STAFF ROOM – A Sitcom Pilot by Ryan McDermott

  New Sitcom backed by +Kim Sherrell #1ND1E STAFF ROOM is the story of several teachers at a northern state-of-the-art secondary school who are hiding out inside the school’s safe haven and desperately trying to survive until three thirty pm, five days a week. Staff Room is different from most webseries pilots. I’m betting it will […]

Radio Free Albemuth

RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH Theatrical Release — Kickstarter

This indie thriller is building a loyal following largely through the passion and dedication of the filmmakers themselves. ~Kim Sherrell   Emanating from the most personal of Philip K. Dick’s writings, this film adaptation by Writer/Director John Alan Simon enjoyed a good run on the festival circuit. Awards include grand prize at Worldfest and a screening at Seattle’s […]

Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks, Funniest Man Alive

This is me, telling Mel Brooks to hurry up and make a sequel to ‘History of the World: Part I.’ It is just an excerpt. You can view the full Comedy Central program here. It’s so fascinating that Mel Brooks is into TV shows like Breaking Bad, The Good Wife, Homeland, and even The Office and […]


This is my jam. Thank you @u_kisseli and fans @ukisskorea. #YouRock! https://t.co/uMbZEZgsDZ #ukissmonoscandal pic.twitter.com/fPcDBzX8Cw — Kim Sherrell (@kim) June 23, 2014

Kevin Pollak

Misery Loves Comedy

Posted by +Kim Sherrell   Misery Loves Comedy is Kevin Pollak’s directorial debut. Currently in post-production, this highly anticipated documentary explores why a majority of comedy performers are truly miserable humans. Featuring archival footage and a heart-stopping cast of interviewees, the film aims to shed new light on the pain behind the humor. Pollak says he […]

coke warhol

Pop Culture Tweets

.@kim @itunesfestival I'm trying to stay the same. I often meet with my friends in Germany so it feels the same as years ago! #AskZEDD — Zedd (@Zedd) March 7, 2014 “@kim: @gavinpurcell Have you seen these numbers? @jimmyfallon and @katyperry rule the world !! http://t.co/grJOQ0rnyG” Cool! Me and Katy. — jimmy fallon (@jimmyfallon) March […]


First Selfies of 2014

“Selfie” received the most nominations today for words that should be banned in 2014 so the Twittersphere decided to weigh in. See what some of us were saying over at Buzzfeed Wit. >>          

David Lynch | Kim Sherrell .com

David Lynch’s LUMIERE, filmed with 100-year-old camera

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Kickstarter is not a zero-sum game – NYTimes.com

“Kickstarter is not a zero-sum game,” writes Juliet Lapidos in a recent Op-Ed for NYTimes.com. “Instead of vacuuming up finite resources,” she says, “celebrity campaigns seem to widen the donor pool.” EXAMPLE: Forty-seven percent of Spike Lee’s backers had never before contributed on Kickstarter. Once drawn in by a celebrity, donors may patronize lesser-known artists. As the […]