(via Warner Bros. Dumps A New Trailer, Photos & Posters… ‘Great Gatsby’

#LA  #Noir

#LA #Noir

#LA #Noir


theplanetofsound: The David Bowie Paper Doll Click here to get the PDF

“Money or Me” by Matthew Schultz  feat King Dave / Kendrick Lamar Mixtape, Vol. 224 (by Matthew Schultz) He’s got a huge hit out there right now and people are calling Matthew Schultz “James Dean and Johnny Cash in one.” I like the way he fuses rock with hip hop and I LOVE the guitar […]

Blessid Union Of Souls – I Believe – Live On Fearless Music HD (by fearlessmusicshow) (Source: http://www.youtube.com/)

fuckyeahmovieposters: Looper by Joel Amat Güell

(via Justin Timberlake: Mirrors) (Source: http://nbc.co/)

Why “The Walking Dead” is Like a Western : The New Yorker


By +Kim Sherrell ARTWALK+ is a free app that brings people together in support of open culture and creativity. http://artwalkplus.com The initiative began as a virtual art crawl on Twitter in early 2009. Since then, ARTWALK+ has grown to include a thriving community of art and culture lovers who get together online to hang with […]