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sharknado poster

Your TV is a toaster. No, wait. It’s a writing prompt!

Now that TV shows are just writing prompts for social media snark, let’s get to the real question: “What good is a movie that gets tweeted but not watched?” It’s a great question posed by Mediate in this great little piece of SharkNado post-mortem analysis . I don’t have the answer, but, would it kill the entertainment conglomerate NBCUniversal (a subsidiary of Comcast) to livestream a show once in a while? The elephant shark in the room, of course, is that social networks are global…

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Is ‘1600 Penn’ the new ‘Modern Family?’ Watch now and decide

By +Kim Sherrell SHORT ANSWER: Nope. 1600 Penn is more like The Brady Bunch meets 30 Rock. Sure, 1600 Penn is a family-friendly satire about life in contemporary America, but that’s probably where its kinship with Modern Family ends. Like 30 Rock, (and all weird shows based on personal discomfort), 1600 Penn is risky business.  Luckily, a good thing happened when NBC generously dropped a sneak preview right up next to The Voice. This allowed the show to capture 7.2 million viewers from the gate—close…

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Goodnight Burbank

The Hollywood Reporter: HDNet Acquires Acclaimed Web Series ‘Goodnight Burbank’

By +Kim Sherrell If you’ve ever worked on a sitcom in someone’s garage until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, you’ll forgive my brief lapse into a huge amount of NERD PRIDE right now. Huzzah!!!!! That’s right. The “first ever half-hour comedy made for the web” just became “the first ever half-hour comedy made for the web picked up by TV,” said force of nature +Hayden Black. Hayden created the show and stars alongside Laura Silverman with guest appearances by Dominic Monaghan, John Barrowman and…

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